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Downtown Europe
Avenue A.J. Slegers 397
1200 Brussels
+32 (0)2 732 35 20

Since 1991, we develop congresses and implement tailor-made conferences allowing international organisations and scientific societies to share knowledge and develop relationships with their target audience. With an acute care for dedicated approach, we propose innovative communication solutions that make the difference.

Our aspiration is to build bridges between people. Through the organisation of events, we aim to contribute to the welfare of human beings by making them grow and evolve together.

In the light of cross-cultural communication, you can trust our responsive team to run outstanding events by taking care of every single detail, valuing equally participants and considering diversity.

As regards compliance with the protection of personal data, we assure confidentiality of all information shared with Downtown Europe.

Downtown Europe offers marketing, communication and logistic plans, from concept to delivery to ROI analysis, aiming always to the best for your event and advising you on the dominant technical, cultural and social trends. Environmentally responsible, we carefully choose our suppliers and strive to supply high quality and durable products.

The organisation of events holds no secret for Downtown Europe. Based on broad creativity, technical know-how and continuous innovation, we commit to excellence.

Over the past 28 years, we organised hundreds of events for the European Commission all around the European Union and beyond.

Professional Congress Organiser
Managing director